Dirk Lotriet
2 minute read
22 Jan 2021
4:30 am

Bullyboy shoutout to Bheki Cele

Dirk Lotriet

Shops have been looted, bribes have changed hands, people have been assaulted while the police minister patrols the beaches to protect us from surfers.

Minister of Police Bheki Cele. Picture GCIS

This week, I was left with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude after our parents’ meeting with four-year-old Egg’s nursery school staff. She’s blessed with a brilliant teacher who is dedicated to her calling. The eye-opener was Teacher Judy’s approach to bullies. “I tell them to shout the bully’s name as loudly as possible,” she said. Then she acts to protect the victim and against the bully. I’m afraid not all teachers have the same integrity. Just take our Police Minister Bheki Cele. He holds a diploma which qualifies him as a pre-school teacher. But he protects the bullies. Yesterday, I...