Jennie Ridyard
2 minute read
25 Jan 2021
5:33 am

The panic caused by Covid

Jennie Ridyard

Has Covid turned us all – ok, me – into hypochondriacs?

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My little sister got a bug, probably food poisoning. First thing my mum and I wondered, panicking, is could it be Covid? We checked the symptom list, though I already know it by heart: yes, diarrhoea is on the secondary, “less common” list! Every lurch, every vomit, every nuance of her sickness had us touching her forehead, fretting, asking is she sore, can she breathe, how’s her head? But within days she was her sprightly self again. Then I ate a spicy prawn curry, washed down with too much “special Appletiser” – I’m at home so it’s allowed, Bheki Cele...