Cliff Buchler
2 minute read
17 Feb 2021
8:01 am

Malema and Zuma’s tête-à-tête might sink ANC

Cliff Buchler

If Juju could do a somersault with Jacob, nothing stops Herman doing the same with John.

Julius Malema and Jacob Zuma. Picture: Twitter/@The_commentor1

In the event of the Zuma/Malema tête-à-tête turning out to have been a planning session to form a new political party, it could prove advantageous to the national-large on two fronts. First, it would dent the power of the ANC substantially, or enough to prevent it governing with the dreaded two-thirds majority which it’s striving towards. The spilt between the two parties would render both benign. And second, the new party’s criminals, including the tea-time tasters and asbestos-robber (all facing court appearances), would make it easy for law enforcement to watch their every move as they campaign for their party....