Editorial staff
1 minute read
27 Feb 2021
5:45 am

It’s just no longer business as usual

Editorial staff

Putting on a suit – as opposed to “throwing on” a T-shirt and jeans – shows someone means business.

Picture: iStock

The old insult that “you have the perfect face for radio” is apt in the “new normal” Covid-19 world, where business meetings are conducted online and participants don’t have to be as careful about their sartorial elegance as they would if they were in the office. If you’re in one of these “virtual” meetings, it’s easy to turn off your computer or cellphone camera (to save data…) – which means no one can see your unbrushed hair or your unmade-up, or unshaven, face. Even more commonplace, in the days of lockdown, has been people “dressing” down for working from home....