1 minute read
21 May 2021
7:58 am

Mashaba the wild card in city polls


Into this bubbling cauldron comes Mashaba. The coming elections will not be boring… and might be surprising in many ways.

Supporters of Action SA gather in Kliptown, 27 April 2021, as they await leaders Herman Mashaba and John Moodey on Freedom Day. Picture: Michel Bega

His political opponents have already jumped in to say that Herman Mashaba – former mayor of Joburg when he was still with the Democratic Alliance (DA) – is being wildly optimistic by targeting his former position. Mashaba – leader of ActionSA – announced his party will contest the municipal elections in October, taking on the ANC, the DA and the EFF in the current Joburg council. Mashaba has managed to annoy all three of them; so his critics say, quite correctly, he will struggle to find a majority in the 270-seat council to back him if he wants to become...