Danie Toerien
2 minute read
22 Jun 2021
6:00 am

Covid-19: Van der Merwe outs ‘global elite’

Danie Toerien

According to Van, the virus is a cover story to kill billions of people with 5G radiation in order to 'reset humanity'.

Picture: iStock

The biggest mistake one can make is to underestimate people. I’m not referring to people collectively, like humankind. I’m talking about individuals – those who manage to crack the enemy’s codes in war time, who manage to unlock the secrets to flight, or who can remove a link from a DNA chain. Top of the list are the ones who, week after week, manage to uncover the secrets and expose the lies of the illuminati, the G7, Nato and other power-mongering groups like the “Global Elite”. ALSO READ: Busting Covid-19 myths and conspiracy theories Yip, the Global Elite, responsible for...