Jennie Ridyard
2 minute read
2 Aug 2021
7:40 am

You’re never too old to turn into your mom

Jennie Ridyard

As Jennie Ridyard celebrates her first born's 30th birthday, she reflects on how you're never too old to turn into your mom.

Becoming a mom reminds you just how much you're more like your own mother than you can imagine | Picture: iStock

And, just like that, I find myself in Cape Town... It’s four weeks since I flew to South Africa in a blind panic because my mother and sister had Covid and, being double vaccinated, I figured I could help.  Meanwhile, my son was also sick with Covid two provinces away and my world felt like it was crumbling. On the day I travelled, my boy’s upcoming landmark birthday seemed like a distant daydream. But here we are four weeks later: everyone is fine again, the travel ban is lifted, and like a miracle, I’m in the right place to celebrate...