Danie Toerien
2 minute read
2 Nov 2021
6:45 am

Too many ‘ordinary’ politicians extraordinarily gifted at looting and stealing

Danie Toerien

Instead of allowing one party to insource every aspect of our lives, why don’t we work on outsourcing the most important tasks to the most competent people, companies or organisations.

The National Assembly on Tuesday afternoon will vote on the Constitution 18th Amendment Bill. Picture: Twitter/@ParliamentofRSA

So, now that the elections are done and dusted, I’ve realised that we have a long way to go in fine-tuning the democratic system. At the moment, we choose mostly ordinary citizens to play an oversight role over things like security, public funds, roads and transport. History has taught us that these “ordinary” politicians are everything but. Too many of them are extraordinarily gifted at looting, stealing and thieving. To make matters worse, we give the ruling party carte blanche to employ individuals of their choice to head up different portfolios. The constitution does allow the president, even if he...