Danie Toerien
2 minute read
26 Jul 2022
4:01 am

Monopoly can keep its lessons

Danie Toerien

Next time anyone says house repairs, I’m moving directly to jail. Not passing go; not collecting my R200.

Picture: iStock

Monopoly is definitely not the most intellectually challenging board game yet invented. In fact, the outcome is inevitably determined by luck. Whoever had the benefit of landing on Eloff Street first, usually ended up having the property monopoly. It was, after all, the highest-valued property space on the board in the SA version. Growing up, however, Monopoly did keep us entertained for hours as it took forever to finish a game. I suspect it was invented by someone with a string of children, desperate to keep them busy when the weather didn’t allow for outdoor activities. Adding houses and hotels...