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By Kekeletso Nakeli


What do opposition parties bring to the table?

What do opposition parties have to offer apart from their daily attacks on the ruling party?

There will come a time when we must look within and really ask ourselves what we are contributing to life.

Are we bettering our society, building blocks to a brighter and better tomorrow, or are we the cracks in the wall, threatening to be the cause of its downfall? Every society has its naysayers, the stone throwers in every situation, but when all is said and done, what is this negativity good for?

There is constructive criticism that is intended to build, correct and help the situation improve. Then there is this criticism which is simply for word count – and, sadly, that is what our country’s politics is turning into.

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There is no denying that at the worst of times, our governing party can be an absolute let-down. Its lack of willing and capable leadership ultimately leads our entire country to discontentment and disillusionment.

The ANC has a lot to make up for. But my gripe with opposition parties is: what do they bring to the table apart from playing the Shame The ANC game? What do opposition parties have to offer apart from their daily attacks on the ruling party?

Yes, the ruling party is filled with thieves, from the petty to the big fish and some of its motives and agendas are highly questionable and self-serving, but without the ANC’s oversight, would other political parties even exist?

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And now the birth of the Multi-Party Charter – does it carry any hope, are those promises on paper tangible? Or are these just the participants’ way of securing parliamentary seats come the next general elections. We do not know.

We may hope against hope, but having seen what we have seen and experienced in this life full of uncertainties, we can agree that call it whatever you want, dress it up or even down, all people want is a life where we are living and not just watching politicians live their best life!

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