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Patriotic Alliance may dump ANC coalitions to join Multi-Party Charter – report

“We made it clear that we would cooperate if the DA explicitly stated that they would not work with the ANC. With this charter, that seems to be the case," said the PA's Head of Strategy

The Patriotic Alliance (PA) is reportedly rethinkings its coalitions with the ruling ANC in municipalities, ahead of a possible move to the newly-formed Multi-Party Charter for SA collective.

Several political parties met in Kempton Park this past week for a two-day convention. There they formalised coalition agreements ahead of next year’s general elections.

According to City Press, the PA is considering leaving its coalitions with the ANC in order to try score an invite to join the group.

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“We made it clear that we would cooperate if the DA explicitly stated that they would not work with the ANC. With this charter, that seems to be the case. Then we will undertake the same,” the PA’s Head of Strategy Charles Cilliers told the publication.

While ActionSA is apparently in favour of the move, the DA are not. They reported pointed out the charter’s agreement only applies to national and provincial governments.

‘SA needs a new government’

The coalition of opposition parties agreed on several key principles at the convention in its aim to unite and challenge the ANC’s dominance in the forthcoming elections.

DA leader John Steenhuisen said the charter was not just an anti-African National Congress (ANC) pact but an agreement to solve the urgent problems facing South Africa.

“We need a new government that cares about farmers and farmworkers who face surging crime, and that cares about small towns that have been broken down by an uncaring ANC government.

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“If the pact emerges with a compelling vision to reduce unemployment, end load shedding, grow our economy and tackle violent crime, then I ask that you get behind us,” Steenhuisen said.

‘Sideshow’ by a ‘gang of losers’

ANC leaders, including president Cyril Ramaphosa and Gauteng provincial chair Panyaza Lesufi, dismissed the charter.

Speaking on the sidelines of the ANC’s national working committee meeting with branches in Johannesburg on Saturday, Ramaphosa said: “The gathering of parties that want to unseat the ANC is a sideshow to us”.

“They are entitled to hold conferences, they will never be able to amass the support the ANC has.

“There’s no organisation in this country that has as much reach as we have, and that is why we are confident that we are working towards a victory”.

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Lesufi said each political party should stand on its own, calling the charter “a gang of losers.

“The upcoming election should focus on individual parties’ merits rather than a collective gang,” he added.