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Judge jabs holes in anti-vaxxing

Judge Norman Davis dismisses attempt to halt vaccinations, emphasizing the importance of science-based decisions.

The anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists will start howling about a court ruling which halted an attempt to prevent the government from providing Covid vaccinations.

Judge Norman Davis of the High Court in Pretoria dismissed the application, with costs. He said the applicants did not have the right to prevent others who do not share their beliefs from being vaccinated.

Evidence from state medical experts accepted by the court was that between May 2021 and November 2022, about 37.5 million vaccines had been administered in South Africa and 232 deaths reported among those who had been jabbed.

Of these, only two turned out to be “causally linked” to the vaccine.

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Scientific studies worldwide have found that the vaccinations prevented countless deaths at the height of the pandemic… and that a vanishingly small number of people have had serious side-effects from them.

Davis criticised the arguments of the applicants – not-for-profit companies – as not being based on science.

And therein lies the rub for anti-vaxxers: just because you don’t like the science doesn’t make it wrong.

Vaccines saved lives and will continue to save lives in future. They are a boon for humanity and not part of a plot against it.

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