William Saunderson-Meyer
3 minute read
20 Mar 2021
5:35 am

Tick-tock until the ‘free education’ bomb goes off

William Saunderson-Meyer

Students are a highly privileged group. Who would not want to be a cosseted student in a country with over 50% youth unemployment?

Students protesting the limits on Unisa's first-year intake. Picture: Jacques Nelles

One of the time bombs left behind by former president Jacob Zuma blew up in the innards of government this week. The damage to the national accounts is potentially fatal. Zuma’s 2017 defeat, when he was beaten by Cyril Ramaphosa for the leadership of the ANC, did not herald the surrender of the radical economic transformation (RET) faction but the launch of its guerrilla warfare campaign. As a parting gift, the RET soldiers left the “New Dawn” wing a matching set of improvised explosive devices: expropriation without compensation (EWC) and free tertiary education. EWC is still ticking. Free education is...