Cliff Buchler
2 minute read
28 Apr 2021
6:00 am

Funerals’ fake facts and figures

Cliff Buchler

At best, eulogies make for hilarious comedy turns at funerals in which I hope I’ll not feature one day. But then again, my only claim to fame?

Picture: iStock

Do me a favour. If for any reason you reckon I deserve a tribute or two, tell me now. If by some quirk there are some, I won’t be hearing from you while I’m still breathing – you’ll spare them for a eulogy. Too late, if we were to believe that the old scribes got it right in translation. Absent from the body, present with the Lord. Most religions have it there’s a life hereafter with a new body – with which I can do, like now. ALSO READ: Not even Covid-19 can thwart the black funeral The earthly body...