Brendan Seery
Deputy Editor
3 minute read
24 Jul 2021
5:48 am

Orchids and Onions: Heineken’s fun ad encourages over-60s to get the jab

Brendan Seery

For taking a moral stand, but at the same time reminding people that your product can make their partying even better, Heineken gets an Orchid from me.

Heineken ad encourages over-60s to get vaccinated

One of the strangest, and saddest, aspects of the Covid pandemic is the fact that the antivaxx sentiment seems to be strongest among the “Boomer” generation, those in their 60s now who, ironically, are at the highest risk of dying. Perhaps the younger generation should have kept their folks away from the internet for longer, because they can’t seem to distinguish between fact and fiction. Then again, perhaps it’s because some of them still recall the rebellious ’60s, when everyone challenged authority. Nowadays, thanks to social media they can again stick it to “The Man” by not wearing masks and...