Richard Anthony Chemaly
4 minute read
19 Aug 2021
3:28 pm

Plans for a 12% pension tax: Government has massive balls, with zero focus

Richard Anthony Chemaly

If government were half as ballsy when tackling social issues as they are when planning to milk the taxpayer, SA might have had some hope.

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Let’s take a moment to try quantify the size of the balls an organization would need to tell its underlings that it has failed in practically every public account it’s administered, and now thinks it's a good idea to administer more public accounts. Answer? Well, let's just say they would have to be large. Pretty large balls. Also Read: Govt using prescribed assets for funding isn't a done deal Should there be any contrarians out there or South African government supporters, likely being paid for doing nothing, let’s take a moment for you to list the successes of government financial...