Brendan Seery
Deputy Editor
3 minute read
4 Sep 2021
5:20 am

Orchids and Onions: We Buy Cars’ ad puts a spin on things

Brendan Seery

A huge crop of Onions for Online Media Guys. Why the dishonesty, people? Makes me wonder how I can rely on anything you link to or recommend.

getWorth maintains that, although the companies cater to different markets, they regard We Buy Cars as a major market contender. Picture: Supplied

Years ago, a road race I took part in ended at a Health & Racquet Club somewhere in the Joburg northern suburbs. I remember little of the race, but was struck by the number of buff, muscular posers (male and female) going into or leaving the gym. Every time they walked past a large window or mirror, these gods of beauty could not resist a glance at their own awesomeness. That reminded me of why my chosen form of exercise was hitting the road in running shoes: I could never go through a fitness routine at a place where the...