Brendan Seery
Deputy Editor
3 minute read
6 Sep 2021
7:00 am

Inside ANC’s election strategy meeting: Behold dancing Queen Mbaks

Brendan Seery

Fellow ANC comrades wondered why did Mbaks want to hold a meeting in the basement of Luthuli House.

Minister of Transport, Fikile Mbalula dancing to the tune of Jerusalema at Cape Town International Airport. Picture Gallo Images/Ashley Vlotman

Why, the Comrades wondered, as they lit the gas lamps, did Mbaks want to hold the ANC election strategy meeting in the basement of Luthuli House? It was darker down here and there was no electricity, just like the office floors, because there was no money to pay the bill. They hadn’t been paid for three months and tired of being blamed for the mess-up with the failure to register candidates. The Comrade Politicians were the ones who gave the orders. Suddenly, there was a roar and the gold foilwrapped Range Rover Supercharged belonging to Mbaks squealed into view. The...