Isaac Mashaba
4 minute read
15 Sep 2021
5:00 am

SA owns some oil fields, remember? They are being totally wasted

Isaac Mashaba

What potential value could they hold if exploited? It could change the shape of our economy and our future… Are we doing that? No.

Picture: iStock

There are those who view our country as a Potemkin state: we may have the trappings of statehood but behind the facade we are an empty shell where crime, corruption, deception, and greed rule. To those who see our facade from across the street, we are doing okay “for an African state”. “If only we had our own oil and gas…” some would say. Whereas we might not be the holders of large oil and gas finds, we certainly own oil blocks – in South Sudan. Two large ones, in fact. But what is happening to our oil blocks? Weren’t...