Danie Toerien
2 minute read
21 Sep 2021
6:00 am

The signs of a maturing democracy

Danie Toerien

After spending the weekend working at a voter registration station, I must confess I am dumbfounded.

A successful voter registration weekend saw over 666000 people register. Picture: Gallo Images

On arrival at the registration station – situated in open veld – at 7am I was expecting… something different. I was not on the look out for a brass band or a welcoming drink, but I was also not quite prepared for what awaited me. A rust bucket that may, or may not, have been a bakkie four decades ago was parked in the veld. What was once a white tarpaulin the size of a carport was lying in the dust. Two men using their backs as windshields explained they didn’t have the right poles for the tent. The good...