Kekeletso Nakeli-Dhliwayo
2 minute read
23 Sep 2021
6:00 am

Polygamy: Women should be freed from chains of abuse disguised as Culture

Kekeletso Nakeli-Dhliwayo

We need to reach a point where the men of our cultures are taught that a home is more than an accumulation of wives.

Zulu Wedding. Picture: Supplied

Last week we watched in horror as Musa Mseleku accompanied another man in rural KwaZulu Natal to ask his wife if he could marry another woman and continue with a polygamous relationship. We grieved with a wife who was mistreated, not only by the man she married, but by his family and mistress as well. We witnessed the ugliness of the patriarchy that exists within African culture and it left us disgusted. We came together in defence of maShelembe, hoping that, with enough voices behind her, she would find the courage to walk away from a toxic situation. The rise...