Sydney Majoko
3 minute read
12 Oct 2021
6:30 am

DA keeps missing the point

Sydney Majoko

Real DA growth lies in winning lost ANC votes, not waiting for the ruling party to self-destruct.

The DA election posters in Phoenix, KZN, that read 'The ANC called you racists' and 'The DA calls you heroes'. Picture: Twitter/@SihleSamketi

So much has been said and written about the death of the ruling party in this country that it’s only diehard supporters who keep on denying this self-evident truth. Sadly, it is not other parties killing it by taking voters away from it, the ANC is busy eating itself from within. Parties that seemed well-positioned to benefit from the demise of the ruling party have done a spectacular job in ensuring that disenchanted voters remain in the wilderness with no political home to turn to. The current official opposition, the Democratic Alliance (DA), has systematically and consistently scored so many...