Amanda Watson
News Editor
3 minute read
5 Nov 2021
6:20 am

Karma is a … dodgy devil

Amanda Watson

And after the local elections, our politicians who smote us with smarmy promises they never intend to keep sidle into coalitions with people who, for those of us few who voted, never voted for.

Residents cast their votes during the Nquthu bi-election in 2017. Photo: Gallo Images/The Times/Thuli Dlamini

If karma is real, then I must have been Attila the Hun in a past life. And it’s worrying on another level because he wasn’t much younger than I when he died, probably on a chicken bone while stuffing his face. Of course, this is my own interpretation, because no one really knows how he died – assassinated or internal bleeding, who knows. The reason I’m wondering if I was a terrible person in a past life is because of all the issues I’ve had with my face from literally the womb. Born with a harelip, massive dental problems all...