Dirk Lotriet
2 minute read
19 Nov 2021
6:00 am

May your tapcard survive the upcoming festive season

Dirk Lotriet

The next six weeks, dear reader, is going to be difficult. Black Friday, year-end parties, short tempers…

Image: Shutterstock.

People are exhausted this time of year and the lovely Snapdragon is no exception. On Saturday afternoon, I put my foot down: “Take a sleeping tablet, go to bed and I don’t want to see you again untiltomorrow morning.” For once she didn’t argue. She gave the five-year-old Egg a sermon before retiring: “I need the sleep. Tonight it is just you and your father – I’m dead for all intents and purposes.” Egg was happy with the idea. “We can go to the mall on a date night. We must just take Daddy’s tapcard. If you have a tapcard,...