Sydney Majoko
3 minute read
4 Jan 2022
4:00 am

Parliament fire: A most grim sign of the times

Sydney Majoko

It's really no surprise that the same government that slept through the theft of our rail network could allow parliament to burn to the ground.

Firefighters are seen on a ladder of a fire engine as smoke billows from the roof of a building at the Parliament precinct in Cape Town on 2 January 2022. Photo: Marco LONGARI / AFP

One valuable lesson that the Covid pandemic has taught the world is that change is not only inevitable, it can happen at a pace totally beyond the grasp of the ordinary human mind. The world is yet to come to terms with the devastation and havoc that the pandemic has caused in little under two years. It has caused centuries-old cultural practices to be set aside in favour of the new normal. Sadly, for South Africa it has exposed its rather soft underbelly. The already crumbling passenger rail system is a case in point. Societal frustrations with inequalities needed the...