Hagen Engler
4 minute read
16 May 2022
9:05 am

Potholes, dysfunction and dystopia: Dark irony never changed the world

Hagen Engler

There is a certain parochial, nihilist thrill in saying, 'You think this place is bad? My place is worse!' Same with the potholes on Twitter.

A large pothole in Craighall, Johannesburg on 18 February 2021. Photo: The Citizen/Amanda Watson

One of the most outrageous Twitter threads I’ve seen recently was about potholes. It was like the Social Collapse Olympics. People were falling over themselves to identify their neighbourhood as the place on earth with the worst potholes. I could not help weighing in with a post or two of my own. Because these days, our black humour has spiralled to the point where we celebrate chaos. https://twitter.com/HagenEngler/status/1520315835314757635 We are proud of dysfunction! I am as guilty as anyone. On my recent return from Gqeberha, I couldn’t help telling people tales of structural entropy. Driving into the city, only about...