Hagen Engler
3 minute read
29 May 2022
9:00 am

Cable thieves dragged through court, but we drag our feet with the master thieves

Hagen Engler

Our leaders steal railway tracks and locomotive bearings at a far greater scale than our cable thieves

The George Goch Station, 10 September 2020, after rampant theft of cables and steel surrounding the train railway network. Picture: Michel Bega

I was interested to see a recent news report that an individual who had been caught red-handed stealing railway locomotive parts was convicted and sentenced to six years in jail. My first instinct was one of civic indignation and then a certain satisfaction. “I hope that sends a strong message,” I thought. “Maybe we can start to turn the tide against this kind of economic sabotage!” As my righteous fury began to subside, I considered that what this person – a certain Petros Vingiran – had done, was a type of state capture. State capture on the nano scale, of...