William Saunderson-Meyer
3 minute read
4 Jun 2022
5:30 am

Veiled threats of July riots a brazen attempt at intimidation

William Saunderson-Meyer

It’s not only politicking that bedevils policing and the justice system, it’s also apathy and incompetence

Looters run from police in Alexandra during the looting and unrest experienced across Gauteng on 12 July 2021. Photo: Jacques Nelles

As we sidle nervously towards the first anniversary of the July riots, veiled threats of future chaos surface. In a brazen attempt at intimidation, former president Jacob Zuma’s lawyers this week cautioned the Supreme Court of Appeal to “take judicial notice” of the deadly unrest that followed last year’s imprisonment of Zuma for contempt, when it decides on whether to revoke his medical parole. This is not a first by Zuma’s lawyers to use what President Cyril Ramaphosa called the “failed insurrection” – at least 359 people dead and R50 billion of property destroyed – to sway the judiciary’s interpretation...