Martin Williams
3 minute read
20 Jul 2022
5:30 am

How Eskom can win friends instead of making us pay for sunshine

Martin Williams

Only the very rich can afford to be truly off-grid and therefore exempt from an availability charge.

Picture: iStock

Like other solar power users, I was shocked to read that Eskom wants us to pay R938 a month. This would undermine the cost-saving motivation for investing in solar. Thrift is not the only reason people go “off-grid”. We want reliable supply. The headline: “Solar power users must pay R938 per month even if they don’t use our electricity – Eskom” is not entirely accurate. R938 is indeed proposed. It is an increase of R720 from the R218 which customers are already paying – not because they use solar, but because they use less Eskom electricity. ALSO READ: Load shedding:...