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20 May 2021
8:45 am

Culture no excuse for muti murders


Culture and tradition must not be allowed to hold us back from progress as a modern country.

Simdlangentsha Magistrate's Offices which was torched by community members after Lungisani Ntuli’s body was found on 10 July 2014 in Pongola. Community members set the church alight after the four-year-old’s mutilated body was found there. Ntuli went missing and his mutilated body was discovered in a room in the church. Picture: Gallo Images

There’s a quiet, almost hidden, reign of terror going on around our country: women, children and even men are afraid to walk alone in isolated areas, both urban and rural, for fear they will be abducted and murdered for ritual purposes. As we report today, one of the current hotspots is the Limpopo province, where angry community members in various villages are starting not only to take the law into their own hands and wreak vengeance on those they believe are guilty, but also threatening to shut down services unless someone in authority listens to them. The victims are mostly...