1 minute read
12 Jul 2021
8:02 am

It’s election year… all of a sudden you’ll see newly-tarred roads


However, every now and again, a success story emerges which gives us hope that local government can run things efficiently.

A broken barrier section from a previous accident at the butterfly intersection along the Moloto Road. 22 June 2021, KwaMhlanga, Mpumalanga. Picture: Jacques Nelles

In a local election year, many municipalities will sell you their so-called success stories. All of a sudden you’ll see newly-tarred roads, with fresh markings, mowed parks and cleaned up pavements. Your local councillors will unexpectedly take an interest in your water problems, find ways to fix sewage blockages and make sure your power supply is not interrupted. It’s election season, and you’ll be told your needs come first. We weren’t born yesterday. A smooth road with fresh paint will not fool everyone following years of little, and in some cases, no service delivery. People rightfully have had enough and...