2 minute read
18 Nov 2021
7:00 am

Eskom saboteurs need to be arrested


Between De Ruyter and Gordhan, the briefing was more typical South African deflecting in the 'it’s not my fault' manner, which we have developed to a fine art.

Eskom has accused Nersa of misrepresentation. Picture: Michel Bega

There were two chilling facts which emerged on Wednesday from briefings to the media and parliament about the rapidly enlarging black hole that is Eskom. One: there is criminal malfeasance behind some of the plant breakdowns. Two: not much is being done about it. State Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan – normally happy to lash critics or the media – was decidedly coy when telling lawmakers that the pattern at Eskom is that “just as things get better”, then “some people tweet things”… and “then there are problems which necessitate load shedding”. ALSO READ: Load shedding: Eskom will ‘destroy economy, increase...