Editorial staff
1 minute read
18 Nov 2021
7:00 am

A thorough, impartial investigation needed in Len Cloete’s shooting

Editorial staff

Did they hesitate to act firmly initially because the troublemaker was white?

The rank insignia of a police sergeant of the South African Police Service (Saps) standing. Picture: Gallo Images/Roger Sedres

It was a scene from a bad, B-grade Hollywood movie: an aggressive, muscled man, who has grabbed a female cop’s gun, challenging other cops to shoot him… and one of them does. But this is not, it seems, a case of what they call “suicide by cop” in the US. This was yet another violent scenario in South Africa which got out of hand and ended in tragedy, but not before awakening the spectres of gender and race violence. The question everyone is asking: was the policeman who shot Len Cloete in the head from close range at all justified...