2 minute read
3 Dec 2021
6:14 am

Nigeria and South Africa, a team that could make Africa tops


the two countries need each other as bulwarks against terrorism on The continent and as partners to build the dream north-south African partnership which could be the engine of continental transformation.

President Cyril Ramaphosa. Picture: Flicker/GCIS

One of the most hackneyed phrases to come out of any government department, anywhere, is the one favoured by the people who run the international relations ministries around the world and, as their heads of state meet to press the flesh (or elbow as it is these days), they trot these out. As President Cyril Ramaphosa rolled in and out of Nigeria this week, predictably there was talk of “strengthening economic and political relations between the two countries”. In reality, though, the relationship between Pretoria and Abuja has always been complex. In the years of the struggle against apartheid, Nigeria...