Editorial staff
1 minute read
11 Apr 2022
7:15 am

Little done to bring the thieves to book

Editorial staff

It is clear that corruption is too close to home for the ANC to really get to grips with it.

A supporter holds the ANC flag. Photo: Gallo Image/Sowetan/Vathiswa Ruselo

If you had to identify one issue which has stopped South Africa from becoming an African success story – and example to the world – it would be corruption. The looters – mainly from the ANC’s ranks, but also including many from the private sector – have taken more than R1.5 trillion… money which could have been used to provide a genuinely better life for all. As Daryl Swanepoel, of the Inclusive Society Institute, points out, very little has been done to bring the thieves to book. He raises the possibility of forming a national anti-corruption agency as a possible...