Editorial staff
2 minute read
29 Apr 2022
4:45 am

Cele must act on thugs, vigilantes

Editorial staff

Both criminals and vigilantes have seen little in the way of law enforcement

Minister Bheki Cele addresses Soweto residents, on 20 April 2022, after a member of Operation Dudula was shot when they confronted cable thieves near Kliptown, Soweto. Picture: Michel Bega

In societies where the rule of law is still respected and enforced, it would be astounding for an ordinary citizen to stand in front of a minister of police and threaten public violence. Yet, that is exactly what happened yesterday when the leader of Operation Dudula – the organisation which wants action taken against illegal foreigners – gave our Police Minister Bheki Cele a month in which to clear out what the organisation labels foreign criminal squatter camps in Soweto … or “prepare a mass funeral” because the locals will go in “with guns blazing”. That an almost emotionless Cele...