Editorial staff
2 minute read
7 May 2022
5:00 am

Phobias around hijab discrimination shown by CFR

Editorial staff

Desai says the hijab is more than just a piece of cloth, it’s “my honour and dignity, it’s my identity as a woman”.

Woman in a hijab close-up. Picture: iStock

We know that the authorities are making gun owners jump through many more bureaucratic hoops these days to get their competency certificates approved and, in turn, their firearm licences. Yet, even by those nit-picking standards, the treatment of Eastern Cape woman Rusda Desai, whose gun competency and licence application was rejected by the Central Firearms Registry (CFR) because she was wearing a hijab in her application photo – which only covered her hair and not her face – is questionable. Quite rightly, Desai says she feels discriminated against as a woman and for her religion. It took more than a...