Editorial staff
1 minute read
12 May 2022
5:46 am

Mr President, please lower the giant R22m flag idea

Editorial staff

Negative comments already suggest this is another project where comrades can gather at the taxpayer-funded feeding trough.

Picture: Gallo Images / Netwerk24 / Jaco Marais

It is still not clear whether the department of sports, arts, and culture intends to spend R22 million on a 100m-tall national flag, or whether it wants a massive flag to fly from a 100m-tall flagpole. Whatever the truth is, the plan is, even by the ANC’s “let them eat cake” detachment from reality, simply absurd. Not because it is not technically feasible – a flagpole that tall would be tricky to build and keep stable, although a giant flag placed at ground level would be easier – but because the waste of this amount of money in our current...