Editorial staff
1 minute read
5 Jul 2022
4:45 am

Tighten your belts even further for petrol price hike

Editorial staff

We realise people are running out of options to make ends meet.

Petrol attendants pour petrol at a filling station in Melville on 20 January 2021. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

Just because we knew the pain of yet another bruising fuel hike was coming, doesn’t make it easier to deal with it. As from midnight tonight motorists will have to fork out even more money to get from A to B, as petrol prices are hiked by R2.37 (93-octane) and R2.57 (95) a litre, while diesel prices rise by R2.31 (0.05% sulphur) and R2.30 (0.005% sulphur) a litre. The hike has been exacerbated by the reduction in the general fuel levy discount to  75 cents. READ MORE: Here’s what’s driving the surge in SA’s fuel price In April, government cut the...