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By Lunga Simelane


Young South Africans have no hope for the future of this country

If young people cannot even see a future, then the superstructure of civilisation is threatened.

We are approaching a time when political parties are scrambling for votes, many masking their intentions for power with promises of a “better future”. Yet, that future looks quite bleak.

Naturally, the youth are trying to find a way to get out of the country.

The Social Research Foundation, in a survey conducted recently, found that out of 3 204 registered voters

Overall, 23% of all those surveyed said they might look to live in another country. A lot is expected in the next election, yet no attention is paid to youth voter outcomes.

But, clearly, young people are so concerned about the future that they want to leave – this is our unspoken crisis.

It is daunting the situation has come to this.

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In conversations I have had with several peers and other young people on socioeconomic issues and where our country is heading, most young people have emphasised that the end goal is to leave this country.

The confidence in South Africa’s future has fallen.

It is growing worse by the day because it is clear to us that even after a decade, actually, even after 28 years of freedom and democracy, average economic growth has dismally failed to match the increase in population, showing that the country’s citizens are getting poorer.

The battle includes those who managed to finish school, but struggle to further their studies at tertiary level, and those who managed to do so find it hard to acquire work, even though they are qualified.

We are just scrambling for education, better qualifications and more experience to find a way out of this country.

It is even worse for those who do not have any of those opportunities. They probably also hope the day things get better for them, they will be out!

It is concerning the youth is emigrating to escape from our country, rather than to travel on holiday, or see what other parts of the world look like.

But we cannot blame them. It is just a ring of honesty that young South Africans have no hope for the future of this country. We are doomed.

It is sad to feel living in another country is better than living in our own, but it also confirms most of SA’s youth – of all races – feel overlooked, ignored and disparaged.

On the contrary, others say despite its plight, SA is one of the best countries in which to live – from its diverse people to the culture and universities. And it has great tourist attractions.

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We have seen a lot of young people from overseas coming to SA and considering it a desirable place to live in.

The reality check of this is while there is a lot the country has to offer, it is unfortunately not accessible to everyone. A lot of important plans to build the country through the youth have collapsed.

Knowing what the country needs is just one part, but delivering that is a different story.

Instead, there is chaos caused by the people who are supposed to be looking after the young people, who are the future of this country.

If young people cannot even see a future, then the superstructure of civilisation is threatened.

Social Research Foundation findings.

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