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By Itumeleng Mafisa

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PA open to coalition arrangement with the DA and ANC, says McKenzie

Despite the DA's reluctance to work with the PA, Gayton McKenzie said the PA has to be practical.

Patriotic Alliance (PA) leader Gayton McKenzie has said the PA is willing to go into a coalition with the DA in the Western Cape should there be no outright winner after the elections.

This, despite DA leader John Steenhuisen labelling the party as opportunists and mercenaries.

Possible coalition in the Western Cape

McKenzie was briefing the media in the Western Cape on Tuesday about the support he had received from several small parties who will be throwing their support to the PA at the polls.

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McKenzie said while the PA wanted an outright majority win in the Western Cape, and nationally, the party was aware that the prospects of a coalition government in the Western Cape were high.

“Our plan B is to win outright but if that does not happen you must now sit and say what is important to us and if we get that from ANC so be it and if we get that from the DA so be it,” he said.

McKenzie said he found the ANC and the DA’s attitude as being arrogant but said the election results would humble both parties.

“The DA in its current form and the ANC in their current form they will become humble to an extent that it becomes workable to talk to them but now they are arrogant,” he said.

The PA has been seen as a controversial partner in coalitions with the DA accusing the party of being interested in self-gain rather than governance.

PA ‘mercenaries’

Speaking earlier this month at a rally, DA leader John Steenhuisen labelled the party as mercenaries.

Watch Steenhuisen speak about the PA:

“The biggest risk to continued progress to getting opportunities and building a better future for all of us in this province is complacency and mercenary parties like the PA  like Rise Mzansi, like Good and the NCC because they are not interested in taking on the ANC,” Steenhuisen said.

McKenzie took a swipe at the DA accusing the party of not caring for black and coloured people in the Western Cape.

He criticised service delivery in areas concentrated by both black and white people going as far as saying that horses in the western cape had more land than black and coloured people living in bad conditions.

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“There are five different horse parks in Constantia and surroundings where the horses are grazing. The horses in Constantia have more space than the people in Hanover Park,” he said.

McKenzie said some DA members had informally approached the DA to talk about a possible coalition with the PA.

At the same time, he said some funders had wanted to give a generous donation to the PA should it not contest in the Western Cape.