PICS: Inside Gqeberha’s grubbiest bakery

Kneading hygiene... Sanctor's bakery falls short of delivering the daily bread, fresh and clean

The familiar aroma of freshly baked bread that once filled the streets of Sanctor in Gqeberha was conspicuously absent since Wednesday morning when the beloved neighbourhood bakery faced an abrupt closure.

According to police reports, the bakery – which had been a cornerstone of the community for generations – came under scrutiny after numerous complaints about unhygienic conditions inside its walls.

Distressed by the lingering concerns and the potential health risks, residents and loyal customers living around the bakery were relieved when authorities intervened.


The environmental health department, in collaboration with the Gqeberha Border Policing members, brand agents, and the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS), wasted no time in investigating the matter.

Police spokesperson Col Priscilla Naidu said it all started when the environmental health department received a tip-off regarding the troubling state of hygiene within the bakery.

“Alarmed by the reports, officials acted swiftly and joined forces with Gqeberha Border Policing to conduct a thorough inspection of the bakery’s premises,” she explained

Col Naidu confirmed that the findings from the inspection were deeply concerning.

“The authorities discovered unsanitary practices that posed significant risks to the production and handling of food within the bakery,” she said.

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Shut down

According to regulations outlined in the Foodstuffs, Cosmetics, and Disinfectants Act 54/1972 (regulation 638 of 2018), food establishments must adhere to strict hygiene requirements to safeguard public health.

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In light of the disturbing discoveries, authorities made the difficult decision to shut down the bakery.

“The closure was enacted immediately to prevent any further risk to the community’s well-being”, Col Naidu said.

“Furthermore, the bakery’s machinery and baking ingredients were seized as part of the enforcement action”.

This unfortunate incident marks the second bakery closure in the area due to unclean and unhealthy working conditions within just one week.

The repeated occurrence of such problems has raised eyebrows among both the residents and local authorities, who are now working diligently to address the issue.

Col Naidu confirmed that an ongoing investigation is underway to understand the root cause of the hygiene lapses and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

Safe environments

For now, the residents of Sanctor will have to seek their daily bread from alternative sources until the bakery complies with the necessary regulations and demonstrates a commitment to upholding proper hygiene standards.

The closure serves as a stark reminder that maintaining a clean and safe environment is essential for all food-related establishments.

The community is being urged to remain vigilant and report any potential food safety concerns promptly.

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