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‘The picture that caused all the trouble, it’s just fish,’ says Mboweni

Mboweni’s culinary skills have drawn a lot of attention, albeit recently after food company Oceana's recent financial results.

It is no secret that former finance minister Tito Mboweni loves cooking pilchards and shares photos of his delectable dishes almost every day on social media.

Mboweni’s culinary skills have drawn a lot of attention, albeit recently after food company Oceana’s recent financial results.

The Daily Maverick reported that the Brimstone-controlled group’s profits surged more than 130% to almost R385 million in its half-year to end March.

“Oceana’s business is underpinned by its iconic Lucky Star canned pilchards. With SA’s poor economic situation, people have been trading down for their protein consumption, choosing the cheaper option which in this case is pilchards rather than, say, chicken,” the publication reported.

Lucky Star pilchards  

There is some suspicion on social media that the sales increase was due to the inclusion of Lucky Star pilchards in Mbloweni’s famous Twitter stews.

Lucky Star also enjoys the publicity it gets from Mboweni. It shared this post on Facebook in 2018.

Those who have been following Mboweni on social media, especially Twitter, are well versed in his love for Lucky Star pilchards and his overuse of garlic.

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It’s just fish

While some believe the free publicity provided for Lucky Star by Mboweni was behind this sales increase, the finance minister does not think so.

He shared a post on Twitter about the conundrum.

“The picture that caused all the trouble. It is just fish, people! But Oceana, we need to talk!” tweeted Mboweni.

Zuma’s daughter

The former finance minister’s love for pilchards also caught the attention of former president Jacob Zuma’s daughter Dudu Zuma-Sambudla.

“Just saw Tito Mboweni’s picture of pilchards and now it has me craving for pilchards, phutu and cabbage,” she tweeted.

Carl Niehaus

Last year, expelled African National Congress (ANC) member, Carl Niehaus, took a swipe at Mboweni and posted a snide comment about the former minister and a can of pilchards.

“Baked beans and Lucky Star pilchards make me think of Tito Mboweni. They are in the same WhatsApp group. Too much makes one fart,” tweeted Niehaus.

However, Mboweni hit back at Niehaus after reading The Citizen’s story.

“Never fight with a pig in mud,” tweeted Mboweni.

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