Riaan van Zyl
1 minute read
1 Feb 2017
2:34 pm

Man unscathed after rolling car off enbankment

Riaan van Zyl

The driver had failed to make the bend.

The vehicle rolled down an enbankment. (Photo: Supplied).

A driver was lucky to walk away from his vehicle with only a few scratches a short while ago, Roodepoort Record reports.

The accident happened at about 11.30am (February 1).

Photo supplied.

Photo supplied.

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The vehicle was travelling on Wilgerood Road in the direction CR Swart Road when the driver failed to make a bend just before the Ouklip Road intersection. He lost control, and the vehicle rolled down an embankment. The man sustained no injuries, and no other vehicles were involved.

Caxton News Service

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