Bertus de Bruyn
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16 Feb 2017
5:52 pm

Dineo: Tzaneen schools to close on Friday due to inclement weather

Bertus de Bruyn

The department of education in Limpopo suggests that learners stay at home on Friday, for their own safety.

File picture: Letaba Herald

The department of education has given schools in the Tzaneen area the option to close on Friday as a safety measure as the tropical storm is set to move in, reports the Letaba Herald.

This was confirmed by Dr Naledzani Rasila, provincial spokesperson for the department of education.

“We are aware of some schools that will be closed on Friday and the department encourages the schools to exercise their own discretion to close. Just to be safe, we suggest that learners stay at home for their own safety. According to information, some areas will be affected by heavy rains,” said Rasila.

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Brenda Kruger, a parent, said, “I think it is really nice of the schools to look after the safety of our kids, but then again who is going to look after our children? But I suppose it is a safety measure. You never know what could happen. Predictions are simply that… predictions.”

A teacher said, “I think it is pertinent that the schools close for the day – it gives the kids a chance to be safe and comfortable at home while the weather passes.”

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