Amanda Watson
News Editor
1 minute read
10 May 2017
10:48 am

Finetown protesters clash with police

Amanda Watson

Each time a Nyala charges down the road, it is met with a hail of rocks and stones.

The game of cat and mouse continued in Finetown, in the south of Johannesburg, on Wednesday as protesters slung stones, and police responded with rubber bullets and teargas.

It has become a game as residents use cardboard shields to sneak up on cops to pelt them with stones.

Police then jump into their Nyalas and charge down the road, ignoring and crushing rocks and debris dumped by the community.

Protesters have learned to extinguish 40mm teargas grenades by either pouring water on them or starving them of oxygen by placing a bucket over it.

Now police follow up the teargas with a volley of rubber bullets. Each time a Nyala charges down the road it is met with a hail of rocks and stones from the community, whose only outlet for their anger is the police.