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7 Jun 2017
11:02 am

Helen Zille’s ‘black dog’ post causes a storm on Twitter

Citizen Reporter

Some speculated the premier used the black dog to imply Mmusi Mmane is in for a political storm in the DA.

Helen Zille. Picture: Alaister Russell

Former DA leader and Western Cape premier Helen Zille has again found herself on the wrong side of Twitter after posting a video of a black dog in a pool on Tuesday night.

She shared the video, originally posted by Baby Animals’ Twitter page, and said: “This dog is clearly well prepared for the aftermath of tonight’s storm”, referring to the storm that has hit the province.

As if the storm in the Western Cape was not bad enough, she found herself in another one on Twitter for different reasons.

EFF deputy president Floyd Shivambu saw the video and became one of the first to criticise the premier.

“So despite remorselessly praising colonialism, the WC Premier entertains animals in a pool, while CT and the WC have a water crisis? Ja neh!” he wrote.

Commenting on Shivambu’s post, most people defended Zille, calling Shivambu “petty” for criticising the premier for a video that was not even hers.

“If photo is recent and depicts Zille’s real home, then post is fair. If the whole thing is ‘fake news’ then petty and immature an understatement,” said one of his followers , while another said: “There are many reasons to criticise Zille, but this is not her dog or her pool! She got video from ‘Baby Animals’ account.”

Commenting on her post, most mistakenly criticised her for filling up a pool just so a dog could play in it when the province was experiencing a water crisis.

Some denied the Twitter account was fake as there was no way Zille could be that “insensitive”.

“So you are making jokes or funny videos about storm coming when you know you’ll be safe when those live in sharks [sic] are scared,” said one.

The rest said Zille was not referring to the storm weather forecasters had been warning the Western Cape about, and that the dog was not a dog in its literal sense – hence she specifically chose a black one.

“I don’t think you really mean this dog dip [sic] down your heart you know what do you mean Helen,” said one while another asked: “What if the black dog is Mmusi Maimane?”

The user was referring to the current divisions within the DA caused by the premier’s tweets on colonialism, with some calling for Zille’s suspension, while some are against it.

These were some of the reactions: