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15 Aug 2017
9:22 am

Mbalula angers 702 listeners, says Manana assault was just a tavern fight

Citizen Reporter

The police minister has drawn flak for apparently trying to offer an excuse for his colleague's self-confessed violence.

A Twitter image mocking the relationship between Manana and Mbalula, captioned 'On other news Mr Mduduzi 'Women Beater' Manana & Fikili 'Wanya Tsotsi' Mbalula star in the cover of #AShameInWomenMonth magazine.' Picture: Twitter/@MikeyMashila

In a telephonic interview on Radio 702 on Tuesday morning, Police Minister Fikile Mbalula’s comments on the Mduduzi Manana assault case drew outrage.

The minister appeared to downplay the severity of Deputy Minister of Higher Education Manana’s assault on two women at a Johannesburg nightclub, suggesting it may have been nothing more than a tavern brawl that had degenerated from a beer hall fight.

He also said there were “different kinds of assault” in South Africa, and that was the reason Manana had not been arrested.

The police minister had earlier vowed his cabinet colleague would not be given special treatment, but that’s exactly what appears to have happened, as he was even sneaked in through a side door at court to be given bail.

Manana has admitted to beating the women, but claims he was extremely provoked because one of the women allegedly called him gay.

When show host Xolani Gwala challenged Mbalula on his consistency, especially in relation to his tough stance on the KZN pupil assault case, the minister’s line seemed to develop a problem, the call was dropped and it took the show a long time to get Mbaks back on.

Listeners initially interpreted this as a sign that Mbalula was dodging Gwala.

However, the call continued and Mbalula also weighed in on Grace Mugabe’s alleged assault on a model in Sandton.

Mbalula told Gwala that Mugabe could still be arrested despite her diplomatic passport, however her possible diplomatic immunity would have to be considered.

An assault charge was laid against Mugabe yesterday in Sandton after she allegedly attacked a young woman with an electrical extension cord.

However, her party reckons Mugabe was the one who was attacked.

It is understood that because Mugabe was not in the country on official business she is not covered by diplomatic immunity, which is normally afforded to the spouse of a visiting head of state.

It is not known whether she left South Africa after the alleged assault on Sunday night. Gabriella Engels‚ 20, yesterday took to Twitter to reveal a gash on her head she claimed she suffered after being attacked by Grace.