Bernice Maune
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23 Aug 2017
10:58 am

Woman shot outside Ayepyep Lounge was mother of six-year-old twins

Bernice Maune

She had gotten a new job a few weeks before the fatal shooting.

Sophie Ledwaba was shot and killed on Sunday in Sunnyside, Pretoria. Image: Facebook

Sophie Ledwaba was 26 years old and a mother to six-year-old twins, a boy and a girl.

The children lived in Polokwane with their maternal grandmother, and were supported by their mother. A friend of Ledwaba said she was a fun-loving, confident and well-spoken woman who was hardworking and loved her family dearly.

“She was a great mother and cared very well for her young children.”

Sophie Ledwaba's twins, a boy and a girl. Image: Facebook

Sophie Ledwaba’s twins, a boy and a girl. Image: Facebook

Ledwaba was shot in the head and died immediately from her injuries outside Ayepyep Lounge in Sunnyside, Pretoria, on Sunday morning.

She was shot by a man who was apparently angered by her refusal to leave with him. The incident happened inside a Mercedes-Benz Viano.

Ledwaba’s killer, a 30-year-old man, was set to appear in Pretoria Magistrates’ Court on charges of murder and illegal possession of a gun and ammunition.

Ledwaba’s friend said she was single and lived in Sunnyside.

“She was a lovely young woman, and enjoyed going out and partying. She also worked very hard to create a better life for her kids.

“She had a job, and could afford to pay for her own drinks. She didn’t deserve to die like that,” the friend said.

Ayepyep Lounge released a statement about the incident.

“Following an incident of shooting of a lady at Gerhard Moerdyk Street on Saturday or in the early hours of the morning, we understand the perpetrator has been arrested. We are saddened by what has happened, and hereby sympathise with the family and friends of the deceased,” the statement read.

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