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23 Oct 2017
1:02 pm

Makhosi Khoza: No ANC faction will emerge ‘without signing a pact with the devil’

Citizen Reporter

The former ANC member says the ruling party is broken beyond repair, as its leaders are 'unprincipled, immoral, opportunistic, greedy, selfish, corrupt and self-serving'.

ANC MP Makhosi Khoza. Picture: Gallo Images

Contrary to popular belief within the ruling party, former ANC member Makhosi Khoza says it is not cold outside the party she decided to leave late last month.

When she announced her exit from the party, Khoza said it had become alien to her, saying its leaders no longer served the public but their own interests.

“It is an alien, disguised by a brand, that so many noble souls gave their lives to build. It is an alien that tramples on the sacrifices of innumerable years in prison, banishment, exile and separation from families. It is an alien that seeks self over Ubuntu,” said Khoza at the time.

Without revealing much, Khoza said the ground was “shifting”, and that there was something big coming for South Africans.

“You are in for a big pleasant surprise, South Africa. It can be done. Change is what we need. Watch this space. Unity to save our country. Be part of a real story of possibilities. Viva!

“To the contrary it is so warm outside of the ANC. No silly fights and government tender tensions, just absolutely wonderful South Africans,” she said on Monday.

Though there was something pleasant coming, Khoza said no amount of change in the ruling party’s leadership would repair the “damage” and “suffering” caused to South Africans.

No faction in the ruling party would be able correct the damage either, at least not without signing a deal with “the devil”, she added.

“Change is what we need. No ANC faction will emerge without signing a pact with a devil. The ANC is broken like a broken glass on a hard concrete floor, it cannot be fixed. Its leaders are unprincipled, immoral, opportunistic, greedy, selfish, corrupt and self-serving.”

Khoza further revealed she was the driving force behind whatever was coming for South Africans, and added she would try to move away from past mistakes. She clarified the new project was, however, not her own political party.

“I’m working on a new model that learns from past mistakes. We have to defend our country. No. 1 and his cronies are bankrupting this country. The ANC must never be spared,” she said.

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